From the moment we are conceived,

We take from our mothers.

First we take their bodies,

We stretch and deform their wombs.

We rip our mothers from the inside out,

And they cry tears of joy.

We drink them up,

Until they’re dry.

Gnawing, sucking, chewing…

Until their breasts are swollen and tender.

And still they show us unconditional love.

We are intruders in their homes,

Screaming and wailing,

Soiling the sheets,

Dirtying the floors,

Never paying any mind.

Yet they smile at us while we sleep,

And stroke our sparse baby hairs,

Until the tears subside.

We hit and we kick,

As they clean our defecation.

We do not hear the frustration,

The tears shed behind closed doors,

begging us to please,



Mothers think of us–

Of all our wants and needs–

Before we can even declare them,

They are met.

They show us mercy,

Matched only by God Himself.

We disrespect,


Rebel against them,

While they fight for us.

We do not see the hours spent wondering,


Where is she?

Is she safe?

Who is she with?

Do they care

Like I care?

We take their concern and toss it away,

Like used diapers.

Never knowing that mom didn’t get any sleep,

That night,

While you were out,

Spending the love,

That you took

From your mother.


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